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Greek Gaming Commission Update

Article authored by Paola Menachem

Our expert on Greece, Paola Menachem, has provided us with the below update that the Greek Gaming Commission has on ongoing consultation on draft Gambling Regulation on the regulation of administrative control and operation of casino operations.

Key innovations of the proposed provisions of the Casino Regulation include, among others:

  • The provision for the issuance and use of an individual player card for participation in games of chance conducted by electronic technical means and materials in casinos
  • The redesign of the player exclusion procedure.
  • The provision of a comprehensive framework for responsible gaming and player protection and the creation of a register of excluded players
  • The provision of employee training procedures
  • The provision of an IT Monitoring and Control System (MCS)
  • Provision for the operation of a Studio within the Gaming Area for the conduct of Other Online Games conducted by a live dealer
  • The simplification/optimisation of procedures (security reserve, notification of operating hours, etc.)

The consultation ends 15 September 2023 and views can be sent to [email protected].

The draft regulations can be found here in English and in Greek, watch this space for further updates.