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Complex gaming regulations explained and analysed by the world's leading gaming lawyers

Tap into the expertise of our global network of gaming lawyers. Our content is authored by legal professionals with extensive knowledge of their jurisdictions. This ensures you receive accurate, up-to-date information, empowering you to make confident and informed business decisions.

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  1. Trusted Legal Expertise

    Content from select gaming lawyers from around the world is curated by Ramparts to ensure consistency and completeness.

  2. Clear and Detailed

    Gaming regulations are explained in terms of practical, commercial, and operational considerations, with links to source material, to save you time and ensure nothing is missed.

  3. Access to a Global Network

    Direct access to our global network of gaming lawyers who can provide bespoke advice or support should further assistance be required.

  4. Easy to Navigate

    Content is structured to make business case assessment easier based on the type of product and key areas of concern.

  5. Comparative Analysis

    Content is analysed and scored in terms of risk and opportunity to enable you to quickly filter through the information and focus on jurisdictions and products which best fit your business case.

How it works

Visit our jurisdiction tab to see all those currently available. Then click on a jurisdiction of your choice, where the header shows the law firm contributor and last publication date.

Our jurisdictional coverage is constantly expanding, giving you access to more at no additional cost.

Once you are in a jurisdiction you will see Advennt’s standardised structure which will assist you in navigating the information you need under the following categories:

  • Overview
  • Licensing and Regulation
  • Enforcement
  • Marketing
  • Fees
  • Taxes
  • Future Outlook

Each category provides generic information and product-specific information under the following tabs:

  • Betting
  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Lottery
  • Poker
  • Skilled Games
  • Software/B2B

In every jurisdiction, you will see colour tabs against each category and product. This is our traffic light scoring system which assesses risk and identifies opportunities.

You can be alerted to any future content changes by selecting specified notification settings, according to your own personal preference and needs.

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At the very end of each jurisdiction report, you will be able to find details of the expert law firm contributor and contact them directly with any queries using the form provided.



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Advennt is a reference tool only and should not be used or in any way considered as a substitute for professional, legal, or compliance advice. We make no representations or warranties (express or implied) of any kind as to the content or materials used within the Advennt product, or their suitability for your business or particular circumstances.