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DGOJ Quarterly Report

Article authored by Dalia Heci

Spain DGOJ Quarterly Report – Q3 2022

This report, by analysing different parameters, such as types of games, withdrawals, deposits, active players, among others, can be useful for an operator to decide more safely how to further develop within the Spanish market or how to start its commercial strategy.

The following criteria is analysed in the report:

  1. Joint analysis of the main figures: Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), deposits, withdrawals and marketing expenses
  2. Active users and new users
  3. Marketing
  4. GGR
  5. Amounts wagered
  6. Analysis by type of game

The GGR of the quarter has been EUR 240,83 million, this means an increase of 18.08% regarding the previous quarter and 31.29% regarding the same quarter of 2021.

In relation to the rest of the aforementioned parameters, deposits increased by 4.60% and withdrawals decreased by -8.70% compared to the previous quarter.

Furthermore, marketing expenses also increased by 7.79% compared to the previous quarter.

It should be noted that EUR 240.83 million of GGR are distributed as follows between the different types of games:

  • EUR 89.04 million in betting (36.97%)
  • EUR 3.68 million in bingo (1.53%)
  • EUR 127.96 million in casino (53.13%)
  • EUR 0.03 million in contests (0.01%)
  • EUR 20.14 million in poker (8.36%)

The monthly average number of active accounts is 999,322 and the monthly average number of new accounts is 109,312.

In relation to the 78 licensed operators, during the third quarter of 2022, the following operators have had operations for each of the gaming segments:

  • Betting – 45
  • Bingo – 3
  • Casino – 54
  • Contests – 2
  • Poker – 9

As can be seen from the indicators provided by DGOJ, the Spanish market has experienced an increase, leaving good forecasts for the year 2023.

Source – General Directorate of Game Regulation