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Licensing Framework & Fees Consultation

Article authored by Andrew Tait

Gibraltar has published its long-awaited remote gambling licensing fees consultation. This is a significant milestone, prescribing a segmented and proportionate approach to the wider array of licence categories and verticals proposed under the new Gambling Act.

There are some winners and losers, generally the bigger B2Cs and B2B aggregators could be paying significantly more based on their annual gross yields whilst smaller operators will gain. This should encourage a wider mix of smaller innovative entrants to balance out reliance on the established behemoths.

Additional fees for B2C and B2B verticals as well as licence fees for new categories of B2B and Support Services may be seen as a cash grab, but this should be viewed in light of reduction in infrastructure costs possible under the new Gambling Act.

This consultation sets a high bar in many areas and creates some confusion on the application of included vs additional verticals, so it’s now over to the industry to respond by the 30 November deadline.